Canadian Armed Forces | Royal Canadian mounted police | Veterans Affairs

At NEXUS Therapeutics, we provide rehabilitation to RCMP, CAF, and veterans. Direct billing availale. If you are injured or suffering from aches and pain, please book your initial assessment with us.

We provide physiotherapy, massage therapy, and counseling services to meet your rehabilitation needs. Expert care with certified therapists at the most competitive prices, so you can get the most out of
your benefits plan.

For RCMP, we would need your health identification number to submit on your behalf through Medavie Blue Cross.

Veterans Affairs clients require a doctor’s referral and your K number on file for us to call for approvals. Once you have come in for the initial appointment, we contact them on your behalf to get authorization for further treatment based on the findings of your Physiotherapist at the initial appointment.

Senior's Program

We love to help our seniors and provide rehabilitation services at more affordable rates with no compromise in quality care.

We provide a 25% discount to seniors on our physiotherapy services and a 25 % discount on massage, counseling, and dietician services.

We also provide 30 $ Exercise Therapy Sessions with the purpose of providing cost-effective care for seniors

AISH Support Program

If you are on AISH than we can provide Physiotherapy services at 50 % discount on out of pocket care and help you recover from your pain. And if you can get Dr’s referral and get approval from your case manager, we can provide direct billing to AISH too.

MVA Reahb Program

The only clinic in town to offer the majority of required services for simple to complex cases of MVA injuries under one roof. We can treat everything from whiplash, and dizziness to driving anxiety and more. Longer appointment times


WCB Reahb Program

Injured at the workplace? We can get patients back to work with hands-on therapy and tailored exercise programs. The client also participates in 30 mins exercises session after each physiotherapy treatment which can speed up recovery.

We provide
Direct Billing available
Exercise therapy sessions for each
Return to work Program
Functional capacity evaluation

PRE/POST Surgical Rehab Program

If you are going for joint replacement, ligament repair, tendon repair, or any other musculoskeletal surgery, we can help you be prepared or
recover post-surgery. Conditioning before surgery has shown faster recovery and better functional outcomes. Post-surgery We can assist phase-by-phase rehabilitation. Get back to your baseline with us.

Exercise therapy sessions for each appointment
2 week PREHAB
6-12 Week post Surgical Rehab

25% off Regular fees

Incontinence/ Prolapse program

  • Comprehensive Virtual Exercise program 3 x/ week
  • Monthly in-person assessment
  • Educational seminars for incontinence, prolapse, bladder retraining, sexual health, dietary management etc
  • Stimulation and biofeedback sessions

OFFERED : 12- 16 week
4 Batches/ year