Pre-post Natal Therapy

Our certified therapist can help you during pregnancy and post delivery. We can help you if you are suffering from pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, diastasis recti, backpain, pelvic floor injury, perineal tears and more. We also provide education webinars for the same. Check on events and promotions for details.

Consult a Therapist during Pregnancy if you experience the following :

  • Pain in the pubis, groin, back, buttocks or legs
  • Leaking urine when you laugh, sneeze, lift weight or jog/walk
  • If you have abdominal bulging when trying to lift your head from the pillow /diastasis recti
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Difficulty with daily activities like rolling, sleeping, and getting in/out of the vehicle.
  • Require prenatal care education – learn do’s, dont’s, perineal massage etc
  • Preparing for labor & delivery ( traditional or C section )
  • Require Pregnancy/ SI belt fitting

Consult a Therapist post Pregnancy if you experience the following :

  • A perineal tear during delivery or episiotomy
  • Need post-C section pain management, rehab and scar mobilization
  • Leaking urine or stool when you laugh, sneeze, lift weight or jog/walk or are unable to make it into the bathroom on time
  • Pressure heaviness or bulging in your vagina or rectum
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Diastasis recti rehab
  • Ongoing pain in vagina, rectum, low back, abdomen
  • Require Belly binder fitted

What to expect?

First Appointment : The initial assessment visit is usually long 45 mins to 1 hour. You will receive an intake form in your email. Please make sure it is filled prior to your visit. During your first visit, our therapist will review it with you. Assessment will include external and internal examination of the pelvic floor after obtaining detailed informed consent. Surrounding structures like hip, abdomen, low back, etc are assessed as they are all connected. We will develop a care plan based on your goals and assessment findings. If you are uncomfortable with any component of the assessment you can ask the therapist about alternative options. 

Follow Up appointments : consists of 30 min appointments to treat and educate depending upon the condition. It may or may not include internal palpation depending upon the condition and treatment techniques required. You may be also provided with the home exercise program as required. Supervised exercise sessions are available as well.